In-Person or Online
Ultramarathon Coaching

Now Accepting New Athletes for the 2014 Season!!

Private Coaching for Ultrarunners

Looking to qualify for your country’s National 100 KM Team, improve a PR, or simply run your first ultramarathon? Consider a private running coach to help motivate you and achieve your goals while staying injury free. As an experienced ultrarunner and running coach, I can help you run faster and longer on the road or trails using proven coaching methods, while motivating you to push harder and keep going when things get tough.

Do you need a running coach?

A training program based on your personal fitness level, goals and unique life circumstances will be more effective than a cookie-cutter plan downloaded from the Internet. Plus, the additional benefits of injury and nutrition advice, workout assistance, motivation and other factors greatly influence your success. As a coach, my goal is to help you achieve your running goals, whatever that requires. Click here to learn more about the coaching services available.